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PostSubject: WE ARE THE GROUP OF GIRLS    Thu Apr 07, 2011 3:18 pm

We'll take your beautiful thoughts over your beautiful face any day sweetheart. Confidence is essential, but vanity is simply disgusting to us. People comfortable in their skin are more admirable than we can put into words, but there is a rather fine border between "full of yourself" and "full of beauty."

We only say this because people are quick to judge before they even get to know someone. We are young, and We know we look older and act beyond our years; We live a very fast life, and everyday it seems to get faster and faster. Its NOT ENOUGH to say you know someone based on what you've heard; so here we are...stripped to the bone,no false pretense. Let US tell you who WE ARE.

so here it goes..

We are college kids with four year of undergrad credentials from Colegio De dagupan of DAGUPAN CITY toward a BS Nursing degree. We got big dreams, bigger hopes, and We got something going for us. We always reach for bigger and better things. These hands were made to create, and we want to share something beautiful with you, and have you be a part of an enlightenment with us too. We've got a lust for life, and despite the many doors that have closed on us; We've learned that it only brought us to the open ones that welcomed us for who we are.

We are not "brootal", not your groupie, and NEVER your go-to girls. The disgusting stereotype that girls with tattoos, or body modifications in general, has seemingly become one that we are implying easy access to our groins, & we'd like to say right fucking now; WE ARE NOT interested in your dick.We are far from straight edge, and we don't want your drugs AT ALL... but hey, you can buy us a bottle of Jack and The bar any day haha =] We live our life according to our own beliefs. Getting inked and pierced till the day we die. HIGHLY MODIFIED and fucking proud. We don't knock your way of life so don't even bother discrediting ours.

We are what you call a bomb in a birdcage:
 We broke the limit- We destroyed every give a love meter We had, We defy all guidelines, We will never be caged nor contained by any standard less than our own. We are ticking and beating on the inside-and our heartbeats do not know anything more than tragedy and you can observe the ruckus and red paint that we bring to your town. We have a smile that lights up the world, and We have an inner demeanor that screams to hold your hand. We laugh like you'll laugh with us, and we'd kiss all day if we had the chance.

We'll tell you a secret:
"We know pain and we know hurt and we know what the feeling of isolation is. it is comforting to be scorched and our throats our conformed to the shape of the scream. We know the familiar ache, the familiar burn and surely the feeling of loneliness is easier to swallow when you never leave it. We are coward with a lion's roar, and underneath the sound, We are nothing but children with our hands clutching the side of our skull as if we can pull apart the clarity of reality. We are scared to be vulnerable and we are scared to peel away my shell of terror."

We'd like to be someone's everything-no somebody's something; We'd like to do something that actually doesn't hurt someone else; We'd like to create something new; We'd like to scar our bodies up with piercings and tattoos and not regret a single one; We'd like to wander through town holding hands, not caring where we are going; We'd like to give the longest hug in the history of forever; we'd like to kiss until our lips go numb; We'd like to meet somebody, that nobody else knows about; We'd like to have a secret, that you'd kill to find out; We'd like to take pictures until the lens shatter; We'd like to paint the town red;We'd like to see the world; We'd like to leave; We'd like to meet someone and fall in love when we look into each other's eyes; We'd like to speak our thoughts; We'd like to see it for myself; We'd like to see through someone else's eyes; We'd like to live life like we'll die today. We'd like to live life like we'll live forever. 

Do not underestimate US-but do not be intimidated by US either. 

We are masters at destroying ourselves but now we're perfecting the art of building ourselves back. We are both happy and sad at the same time, and we're trying to figure out how that could be. We lack the ability to stop loving, and We've made so many mistakes and learned so much from them that we are thinkin of makin a few more actually. We prove we exist even though we have no set road and no specific sense of direction. 

just a warning- We are difficult to understand and you can watch how good we are at smiling the pain away; you'll never guess we're screaming on the inside. 

We get bored easily. What we want today might not be what we'll want tomorrow, and we're not easy impressed with people at all.We wanna live a life worth living and we feel we're living it day by day honestly. 
We're a very sexual person-but does that mean we want your dick?; no not really. 

 If you aren't intelligent, creative and able to hold a conversation deeper than "hey baby? or hey beautiful" you won't get my attention, but please do not be afraid to talk to me.. our lives dont revolve around hate or ignorance; We will love till our hearts no longer beat and We will smile and laugh till we no longer breathe.

Do not mold us of perfection;you will be highly disappointed. 

 We're always changing but our drives and passions will never cease-WE ARE not the same people-we have suffered many trials and errors. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and always will. Our souls are incapable of tyranny, and our hearts often let us down. WE ARE US and we'll always be those girls trying to win your hearts over every step of the way.

flower study cherry drunken bounce I love you Razz Very Happy
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